Which came first, the goat or the garden?

Oh the age old question grasshopper. When really the answer is simple, we are all in a cycle dependent on each other. The wonders of nature and bounty in the garden never cease to amaze me! Plants thrive in the rich and lofty soil fed with goat manure and straw.

The goats benefit from all the garden scrapes in their adjoining pasture. Here we grow the plants that nourish us and create the amazing dyes for our fiber. It’s a good life for a hardworking downhome girl and her goats!



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There is always a shady area somewhere on the Rancho. Our Central California summers can be scorching, but the huge old oaks that follow the creek are a good respite from the beating sun. For the goats, there are trees surrounding the barn & pasture so even the critters can be cool - ok, cooler!

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