All for the love of goats

A true goat lover will stay up at night worrying if the kids are safe and dry during a big storm. A true goat lover will stay up at night to make sure a new mother’s birth goes ok. This kind of love makes your heart race when you hear the howls of coyotes.  But how quickly all those worries are washed away when you watch the kids jump and play for hours. I wish everyone could experience the love of goats. In addition to our large herd of fiber goats we have a couple of Nubian milk goats which supply our family with rich, wholesome milk. All I can say is life would never be the same for me without goats, smart, friendly, playful and oh yes a bit of mischief just to keep things interesting.




  This is Lucy and Laura, our Nubian milk goat cuties

   They're sweet, just like their milk



                                                                   Happy & beautiful, our goats are naturally curious                                                                        


SHEARING - We do this twice a year







 1st step - Blowing dust and debris from the goat's fiber



 goat5                  Brushin fluff                                                                                                

2nd Step - Brushing - we get out as much of the stickers & hay as we can. 



3rd step - hoof trimming

   3rd Step - Hoof trimming



4th step - shearing

                  4th Step - The actual shearing!!



That gal can shear

   That gal can shear!



line em up

 What's not to love?!



Im gorgeous and I know it

   I'm gorgeous and I know it



Everybody gets a kiss

Everybody gets a reassuring kiss


Naked kids

 Naked Kids...once they figure out who is who, they get really playful!


Our fiber is naturally luminescent - look at how it catches the light



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