Our Fiber Mill specializes in Angora and Pygora Fleeces.

Let us turn your beautiful fleeces into roving for you to spin and dye. We have a Belfast Mill we use for goat, sheep and alpaca fleeces.

Learn the process and use our easy order form here.

Price List

(prices subject to change)

An estimated 50% deposit will be billed prior to the start of your order

Prices based on incoming weight



Washing  $5.00 per lb.

Picking  $4.00 per lb. 

Separating/per pass $5.00 per lb.

Pygora can take 6 passes to remove guard hair

Mohair usually takes only a single pass

Sheep and Alpaca will be sent once through the seperator.


Carding $7.00 per lb.

In center pull bumps


Rug Roving $20.00 per lb.



Min. weight of 8 oz. will be charged for 1 lb.


We urge you to skirt carefully and remove matted hair, vegetation, etc.


We reserve the right to return fiber that does not meet our requirements. 


Skirting and fiber blending are not offered at this time.

Any product not paid for within 45 days of final billing date shall become the property of Down Home Handspun Fibers

1. The Picker

2. The Seperator

These are commercial machines

that can process large amounts

of fiber each day.

3. the Carder

4. Rug Yarn Maker

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