Living the dream and becoming who you are

I believe that everyone is born with gifts or talents. Discovering and acknowledging these gifts are a part of life's challenges. At an early age growing up in the city I felt like I was missing something.

As many children, I loved being outdoors and playing with animals. Coincidentally, Heidi was my favorite book. During my troubled teens I was fortunate to visit and later live at Finegold Ranch Boarding School in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. This was where my true life began.

Here is where I became connected to the Earth by growing our own food, learning to spin and playing by the creek. Finally, I could feel and hear the heartbeat of the Earth and my own.

As I grew up and worked at the school I met local Native Americans. I fell in love with the lifestyle and my husband, Brother Bethel. Brother Boy, as his many brothers and sisters call him has lived his entire life here along with countless relatives and ancestors.

If you ever had to survive in the woods you'd want to be with Brother. He is a master at making due with whatever is handy. His love for earth and animals connects us.

Together we are buying our dream, Rancho Seldom Seen. A quiet place near the San Joaquin River with lots of water, fertile soil and excellent pasture.

Together, like Border Collies anxious to do their jobs, we set out at the crack of dawn each day working to make a sustainable homestead in harmony with nature. Sure we're tired and sore and sometimes feel overwhelmed with the work we have created but at the end of the day we have a deep feeling of peace and gratitude that we may be living our dream.

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